About Us

Veedubmachine is a company specialising in the supply of quality parts at keen prices for the VAG Group of vehicles as well as BMW and Porsche. We also supply parts for any vehicle of any brand.

  • We serve  Retail Customers, Re-Sellers and the Trade.  
  • Veedubmachine are authorised agents for Bilstein, Meyle, Pagid,  JPGroup, Torrance, SuperPro PowerFlex JOM and others
  • We have been in business for about 12 years. 
  • The staff of Veedubmachine are enthusiasts with backrounds in Engineering, Workshop Management, OEM Warranty Departments and of course the supply of vehicle parts. Previously employed by major companies including Audi and OEM Suppliers to Volkswagen AG.
  •  Our item descriptions are the most detailed in the business and are informed by Original Equipment Catalogues. Our VAG Parts Software is the very best available and provides information direct from the VAG group. For BMW Porsche and others we also use electronically linked live OEM catalogues. 
  • All our items are checked before sending and are packed carefully to avoid damage in transit. We only use delivery services with a proven history of providing a quality service with extremely low likelyhood of Damage in Transit and High level of on time delivery. 

Why buy from us.

  • Where competitors use the cheapest delivery service we use the best. We know customers hate items delivered late or damaged.
  • Where competitors use envelopes or jiffy bags we use boxes and bubble wrap. We take more care than any to ensure your part reaches you in perfect condition.
  • Where competitors  litterally shiift boxes we check items and add packaging and  fitting or usage information where necessary.
  • Where competitors offer part numbers as descriptions and warnings that any fit lists they offer are used at the customers risk we offer detailed desriptions from  informed by the best parts catalogues in the business interpreted by experienced professionals. We take the time and effort to ensure you have the best opportunity to make an informed choice.
  • veedubmachine offers the very best parts available ie Bilstein the Best dampers in the world. Meyle as good as or better than OE Who else offers a minimum of 100,000 mile warranty on they water pumps, 200,000 on theyre HD range? Theyre other parts are just as good.  PowerFlex and SuperPro both with Lifetime guarantees, the only polyurethane bush manufacturers worthy of consideration. Pagid Standard euipment for many premium brands including VAG Porsche and BMW. 
  • We source parts that are not offered by the average specialist or any of the more generalised motor factors. 
  • We also offer parts for those where price is king.

While we often provide the very best prices available we offer you our valued customer so much more than just that. Why buy from anywhere else? We appreciate suggestions.