Hello all. This is a report on my impressions of the drive of the new G20 330i in comparison to the last of the F30 models.

I cant imagine it will be of much interest if I am going over the same things that all the other reviews are covering so for example I wont dwell on the tech for that reason.. Mostly this is about the drive and as near as possible comparison between my own 2016 330I and the new 330i. Today I test drove a G20 330i Auto transmission, Msport. In Mineral Grey, With MSport +, Technology Pack, Featuring 19” Run Flats limited slip differential and adaptive suspension and uprated brakes. The G20 version of Adaptive suspension has a new setting. In addition to the usual eco/sport/sport plus there is now Adaptive where the car changes settings depending on situation. Limited slip differential is also new. 19 inch wheels without run flats is also an added cost option well worth considering but not on the model driven.. Technology pack includes heads up display and Harmon Kardon sound system.. My F30 330i is the model revised at the end of 2015 many call the LCI. It has revised suspension and upgraded lights compared with the outgoing model. Spec: MSport , 6 Speed manual transmission, with 18 inch wheels with run flats, adaptive suspension adjust able lumbar support Harmon Kardon sound system and split folding rear seats. 
I have covered now 26000 on my car so am very familiar with it. The test drive in the G20 lasted 2 hours and covered somewhere around 100 miles. 
Initial impression. Looks fine outside. Door opening and close experience, feels light but very well engineered. My own car feels good like that but the new one feels a touch improved. 
Inside feels very 3 series like. Seating:The sports seats on the G20 seats without lumbar adjustment suite me well with noticeably greater lumbar support than the F30 seats without lumbar adjust. Both old and new seats are so adjustable that providing you fiddle enough you will find either near perfect. Adjustable Lumbar support is I think necessary on the F30 where as just fairly low cost good idea on the G20. The G20 seats I think look a little better and are incrementally better shaped. A quirk with the G20 seats, adjust them back as far as they will go and they go way way back.. The backs of the front seats probably touch the rears. Useful if you are 10 foot tall ☺ I usually move the seat back before getting out of mine to make exit and entrance easier but with the G20 you have to move yourself forward a lot to get to the door aperture if you move the seat as far back as it will go☺
Steering wheels both F30 and G20 MSport wheels look and feel ace top marks. Both are manually adjustable. 
Controls: They have changed the indicator stalk operation. In the F30 you pushed one way and it returned to centre. Push it again to cancel if auto cancel doesn’t work. Push and release quickly to get a few flashes before auto cancel. The G20 push it one way or the other it stays there until you return it to centre if it does not cancel. I prefer the F30 stalk. Auto gear knob is stubbier on the F30 than the Auto gear knob on the F30, Much the better aesthetically for that. Buttons in the canter console are updated. It now incorporates the start button moved there from the dash and also now an electric hand brake. Buttons are a slightly improved in look and feel but fulfill the same functions equally well as on the F30. Electronic handbrake. On the G20 Looks good. Auto handbrake release is a nice touch but but the lever is more functional on those rare occasions when you want to partially apply the hand brake. Like when trying to gain traction by locking the diff in the snow or if one wheel is off the ground due to extreme road camber when turning around.. Though the liimited slip diff that comes with MSport plus may make that unnecessary.
Dash looks nice if a little busy. Personally I find most useful the heads up display. Its much less distracting, when driving than clocks or worse, the iDrive display. The F30 is not equipped with HU but does have a digital dash so navigation in simplified form is in the centre of the dash.  
Msport plus comes with the darkened rear windows. Many like those I am not a fan. You could option those out on the F30 and still have MSport plus. Msport plus now includes Adaptive suspension and Limited slip diff so is a more comprehensive and attractive package than on the F30. 
The drive. Both drive very well. I bought the F30 rather than one of its competitors because of the way the BMW drives. I have only driven the LCi version of F30 with the suspension updates. The G20 feels tighter than the F30. The steering on both is particularly responsive when compared with others but the G20 is more communicative and gives the impression of being more responsive as a result. The responsive and under steer free nature of the front is one of the standout characters of both models. The G20 just feels better. The rear has a more grip and is also more communicative. No doubt the LSD slightly larger wheels play a part in that. Brakes are also more powerful though both are very good. I tried the car in “Comfort “and “Sport” but ended up using “Adaptive” I think that would be how I would drive it normally. In the F30 I use Comfort setting mostly. On the F30 changing model wile on the fly involves fumbling around for the button in the centre console. The G20 has 2 buttons to adjust mode but they are still on the centre console so the adaptive setting is certainly a great change. No more fumbling. Much better still would be to have those buttons on the steering wheel as on the M3 and M5. Even better would be to have the ability to have custom settings for throttle/steering and suspension as also on the M3 and M5.
Suspension both my F30 and the G20 are specced with adaptive suspension. Sport and sport plus mode on the F30 with the standard run flats result in a bouncy ride as if over sprung but that goes away with decent non run flat tires. The adaptive suspension on the G20 is better calibrated for the run flats on the 19” wheels fitted. .I suspect handling ride and noise would still benefit from non run flat tires. Compliance., while neither are awful in this respect there are certainly many cars that maintain composure better during spirited driving over bumpy back roads. 2016 SLC Sport, Mercedes 2018 EClass and 2018 M5 to name a few I have driven..
Both are rear wheel drive, the F30 is really poor in the snow. The G20 as tested with the limited slip diff will perform better in the snow than the F30 without it All wheel drive and front wheel cars will have far more traction in the snow 
Noise. Both are quiet with tire noise often the only audible sound. The G20 is a little quieter inside. I was expecting the two vehicles to sound quite different as the G20 has 2 silencers, one either side while the F30 has one silencer with 2 tips. The videos out there of the G20 330i show that to feature crackle and pops. Inside the car you don’t hear any of that. Personally I am no great fan of that anyway. There may be a different sound but nothing worth talking about.
Comfort. Both are comfortable, much more comfortable than say an M3 but not quite as comfortable as an EClass or M5 or, I would imagine, any other 5 series.
Transmission. My F30 is Manual and G20 Auto. The G20 330i is only available with Auto. I have drive a number of automatic diesels and all are fine. Love the Sportronic on the Audi A5/A4 and the 9Gtronic on the Mercedes SLC. I have driven two 2 litre petrol engine cars with auto box. An EClass and now the G20. When you accelerate hard both will hang on to each gear until the engine will not give a single RPM more. I don’t drive like that. I found myself changing manually often. In addition the BMW box seams to have a delay with getting off the line. I found myself trying to make up for that by hoofing it more than I would otherwise, as if to give the signal to “come on, move.” I guess you would get used to that and make allowance. The auto box felt fine when throttle tickling and on on dual carriageways. Manual changes using the paddles are fast and smooth. I was expecting the auto to deliver better MPG but average MPG on the iDrive showed 26.9mpg and my manual 29mpg. I guess the demonstrator is not driven with MPG uppermost in the minds of those who drive it but I use my car for short journeys often and pretty much never use eco mode or drive with MPG foremost in my mind. Maybe the auto box suites the characteristics of diesel engines better than petrol. I will hopefully know that better when I drive the M340 in July or shortly after. I don’t remember having similar reservations when I drove the M5. Surprising to many maybe but on a 330I. I prefer the manual. Contrary to what I have heard some journalist report, I find the 6 Speed manual sweet though it needs around 5000 miles on it before it feels at its best.
Speed.The G20 has a little more torque and a few more BHP than the F30. It also weighs less so should be faster. The G20 definitely does not feel faster. It is the F30 that feels fastest. It feels as if it has a bit more power and torque at all revs. Maybe because its got more miles under its belt. I think mine felt like it was giving more power as miles 

increased up to about 18000 miles. The gearbox felt best after 5000 miles. Claimed power on both is around 250 BHP.
Anything else. Yes the G20 is the first car I have driven with lane detect. This is definitely a feature I would not want. When you go to change lane the car is fighting against you doing that. It varies with intensity but often is not at all subtle and demands a very firm hand to over ride. I can imagine many ladies in particular finding that feature dangerous. Short of times when you are very tired and shouldn’t be driving or want to do something else you shouldn’t be doing while driving I cant see any benefit of it. Also another thing is the Stereo, No CD player…. Personally I find the best quality sound is from CD over MP3. I would miss the lack of CD player.  
Windscreen Washer jets now on the Wiper Blades. Water squirted on the screen just ahead of the wiper blade in its direction of travel. Excellent idea. No more being temporarily blinded when using the wash function. Simple ideas are so often the best. Makes you wonder why it was ever designed any other way.  
The most significant difference between the two to my mind is that the G20 has a more engaging feel in terms of handling. They are both hewn from the same block if you like one you will like the other. They both do the same kind of thing in the same way. They will both appeal to buyers who want a great driving experience in a quiet comfortable driver focused package with good space for 4 persons and luggage. The G20 330I is a more expensive car than the F30 was when new. Right now you can only get a G20 new so is considerably more expensive than a slightly used F30. If money were no object then get the G20 though it is a shame its not available with manual transmission. For me a G20 with tech Pack MSport Plus with the 19” HP Tire (Not Run Flats) wheels. Visibility pack Adjustable Lumbar Front Seats in Black with Msport colour stitching and Sensortech covered dash with stiching, in the no added cost option Portamou Blue. But money is always a factor. If it were not surely we all would have a Chiron in the garage. To my mind both represent the best value available compared to offerings from other brand vehicles in the same segment. Whether you buy an F30 330i MSport of New G20 Msport you will likely be very happy with value for money. Am looking forward to driving the M340 J