HI, I drove a 2019 M340i with tech pack in Dovit Grey/ It was from Ocean BMW in Falmouth Cornwall UK

I did an earlier post here after my first drive in a G20. Much that I could say about the M340 I said about the 330i. So rather than repeat if interested please read my earlier post on veedubmachine.

The M340 with tech pack retails for £50645 The nearest spec G20 is the M330i is the MSport plus with Tech pack. The rear wheel drive version retails at £43385. So what do you get for the additional £7260?




 The XDrive

The UK Spec M340i is currently only available in 4 wheel drive and only with tires including Run Flat Technology (RFT) The M330 MSport Plus (MS+) is available in rear wheel drive and 4 Wheel Drive/ When it was first released the MS+ offered a Performance Tire option. (Without RFT) RFT is a safety and convenience feature. In the event of a blow out or puncture the car is controllable than with a conventional tire and you can drive some distance at a slowish pace to a place where it can be fixed without the tire destroying itself and the wheel in the process. To achieve this RFT tires have stiffer, thicker heavier side walls than conventional tires. Suspension works best where the ration of sprung to unsprung weight is highest. Hence the last place you want added weight is in the wheels. The added weight and stiffness of sidewall translates into vibrations and tire roar being transmitted into the cabin. Its therefore a common thing for people to swap their tires for quality tires without RFT. Michelin PS4s being a favorite. X-Drive as with many other 4 wheel drive systems are sensitive to tires. If tire wear is unequal on each side and on each end of the car there is a risk that the center differential will wind up, and fail. If your tires are not within tolerance and the diff fails your warranty is void. This can mean that in the event of a puncture or 2 worn tires you can end up requiring a complete new set of tires rather than just the 1 or 2 you would have needed if it were rear wheel drive only. I believe the tolerance is around 5 or 6 percent. II have also heard of dealers voiding warranties if the tires are not of original specification and carry star marking which is BMWs approval logo. So your stuck with the run flats if you cant spec your car without them as from the factory. This sensitivity to tires, the possibility of differential failure and added cost may lead you to prefer not to have the X-Drive system. In the UK you can have a 330i as RWD but not the M340i. You could also with the 330i MS+ have your new car configured without RFT Tires. It doesnt appear to have ever been an option with the UK spec M340i


Other spec differences between the M340 and 330MS+ The 330i comes with a black grille that always seems to be a preferred option with BMW models. It also has black wheels; a black diffuser and black scoops in the front bumper. You can have these on the M340i for an additional 750. The M340i comes as standard uniquely with copper rimmed front grille air scoop in the front bumper, mirror caps and a silver grey coloured rear diffuser. Personally that looks fine I would not bother spending money to change them.

The M340 comes with a few more colour options for exterior and interior.



Most interesting to me at least is the option of Blue and Black Merino leather seats and door card unique to the M340 for 900. You can have the lower part of the dash that color also but the price then rockets to around 2700. The Merino leather feels very soft and up market and looks terrific. I can imagine the Blue Black interior along with a Blue or Black exterior to look very special indeed. Other than that the interior of both models and their available options are the same. Both excellent. The standard seats on both 340 and 330 I are very comfortable and notably offer more lumbar support than the preceding F30 MSport models. However adjustable lumbar support is available for 265.



The engine gearbox combination

M340 B58

The engine produces 369BHP and 400NM of torque from 1850 to 5000RPM. It delivers that power via a slick, quick shifting 8 speed ZF torque converter gearbox. A definite improvement over the extremely good 330i 254 BHP and 400NM of torque at from 1500rpm..The extra punch from the additional 120 or so horsepower is immediately apparent. Its economical too. The demonstrator car over it 3000 mile life had averaged 31mpg according to its iDrive compared to 28 on my 330i LCi manual MSport over 30K and also the G20 330i I drove and reviewed separately earlier in 2019. The ZF 8 speed transmission doesnt hang out for every last possible RPM before changing as it does with the 330i I have also noticed that tendency to hang on to each gear for seemingly too long on 2.0 4 cylinder Mercedes. In the 300i G20 I would tend to use the paddles to change manually often but not so much in the M340.



M340i xDrive Saloon 0 to 60 4.4 Seconds 155 MPH limited

Euro Emissions Standard 6

Weight 1670KG

Claimed MPG WLTP 40.4

UK Road Tax £465

Ins Group 38



M330i Msport Plue Saloon 0 to 60MPH 5.6 Seconds Top speed 155MPH Limited.

Euro Emission standard 6

Weight 1470KG

Claimed MPG WLTP 40.4 to 40.9

UK Road Tax 465 PA

Insurance Group 33



m340 sound

The sound of the 6 so sweet. Its a nice sound loud enough to appreciate not so loud as to become tedious on long journeys or get in the way of conversation/ Its no where near as loud as an M3. .perfectly judged to my ears.



Handling is excellent. Its slightly less eager to change direction no doubt due to the additional 200kg of the engine and mechanism that drives the front wheels but the difference is only very slight and the Xdrive does afford more grip. The engine and transmission of the M340i marks it out as very significantly more enjoyable car to drive then the 330i which is itself a truly ace car to drive.


Other obvious choices


Obvious alternatives include the Mercedes C43 and the Audi S4 if you are ok with diesel. Euro 6 compliant diesels are very clean and attract lower UK road tax for being that way. Where diesels are not such a great option is where most journeys are short. Expensive emissions devices can clog on the diesel where used mainly for short journeys. Things like the DPF do not get a chance to regenerate wotjh continued usage for short journeys. Petrol models now are being fitted with Particulate Filters. I am not sure how they fair but suspect that particulates are not so much of an issue with petrol models. I have not driven an S4 but I have seen one and sat in one up close and personal. I can attest to the interior being gorgeous and it comes with more gadgets as standard then the M340.. Reviews elsewhere suggest that it feels fast (It does have 700nm of torque) but is a little slower accelerating than the C43 or M340. Likewise I have yet to drive the C43. I know it has most BHP than M340 or S4. It has the best sound but has least legroom in the back. Sticker prices are highest for the C43 then its the M340 then the S4 though who pays sticker prices these days. A lot will depend on the dealer.

S4 Interior



The M340i is an extremely accomplished car. Its an intoxicating blend of performance luxury style technology practicality and efficiency.Its rather like a baby M5 with a lot less power but most of the comfort and more responsive steering. Compared to the 330i MSport plus the 6 cyliinder engine sure is an attractive poposition. But if you cant stretch to that you can draw solace in the fact that the M330i plus pack is rear wheel drive and weighs 200kg less so is the more agile of the 4 cylinder model. Fans of the older 3 series and 4 series models will no doubt be mighty impressed with the G20 models. Sureot would make sence to drive the C43 Mercedes and Audi S4 but i imagine if driving dynamics are your top priority i wouldnt be surprised if the M340 wins your custom.

M340 port blue