Wow! Think i have just driven what I would like to be my next car. Have to get saving some pennies 

Its a C Class..... 

First impression. Nice and sensible looking outside, lovely inside. All the right attributes for a great drivers car packaged in a medium sized saloon. Door opening feels typically Mercedes, solid, heavy almost safe like but with a smooth silky well engineered operation. 

Great seats. Electric adjustment with memory function. They have every conceivable adjustment possibility, including lumbar and side support. Steering wheel has great feel and range of adjustment all electric. It is as good as those in the M BMW models. Electric adjustment of the wheel is something that eludes the BMW equivalent. For me comfy, supportive, low seating position with steering wheel exactly where I want it easily and quickly achieved in the Merc. 

Limited slip diff, adaptive suspension, Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. No run flats, rubber band very low profile, or massive diameter tyres to spoil the ride. Think the wheel are 18s maybe 19s. No doubt contributing to the compliant ride. To my taste one of the best looking AMG wheels in that size. Very tidy handling. Well balanced, tight, safe, predictable and fun are words that spring to mind.

How does it compare to my F30 330i and the G20 330i I drove a short while ago. Well the Merc is a V8 so no competition on the engine or its soundtrack. All are mid sized saloons. All are cars I have driven recently enough to remember what they feel like. All of those have adaptive suspension but the Merc is noticeably not as good at absorbing bumps as my F30 or the G20. Steering is more like the G20 than the F30 in terms of weighting and feel. The latter being more weighted and having more feel. The Merc steering is slightly less responsive than either of the BMW models. The steering on the BMWs is particularly responsive and can take some adjusting to. I have grown to appreciate that but some may find the BM steering slightly nervous and prefer the steering on the Merc. The hooked up, tidy feel of the rear is more like the G20 than the F30 maybe something to do with both having limited slip differentials. Many people talk of steering feel. There is also a feel to the rear. Many cars, most cars even, are entirely devoid of that but the G20 with Limited Slip Diff and this C63 also with limited slip diff have that feel. You know it instantly when you drive a car with it. A car with it feels communicative and those without it numb. It’s a very desirable attribute to have in a car designed for those who really enjoy driving. No one is going to be looking at one of these if their main wants center around a) an efficient means of getting from A to B, b) a status symbol or c) something of aesthetic value. Not that this car is entirely devoid of those things but as specced it way under the radar. J    If a b and c are mainly what you require then something with a smaller engine and bigger wheels would probably fit the bill better.

How does it compare to the F80 M3 as I recall it.  The M3 is a fairly obvious competitor, being a mid sized sedan, and at the top end of the performance versions in the range also with similar RRPs. Many love straight 6 engines I love straight 6 engines but the Merc C63 is a V8 and to me the V8 is king. I just love that soundtrack, especially as delivered by the C Class AMG. I would say the M3 drive is more precise responsive machine probably more accomplished on the track when being pushed very hard but the ride is quite hard. Some really like that I know. The C63 (in comfort) is between my F30 330i MSport with adaptive suspension in comfort mode and an M3. Or just a little softer than the F30 in Sport. To me that is acceptable. I tried the Mercedes in sport mode and the ride remained acceptable. So all modes are useful on the AMG Maybe things would be different if the AMG had a different wheel and tyre combination.

How does the C Class C63 compare with the BMW M5. The comparison is valid only in as far they are both sporting saloons that have a V8 engine. The M5 is in a significantly higher price bracket has quite a lot more power and weight. The Merc steering has more feel then the M5. The M5 has monstrous grip but its 4 wheel drive the C63 I drove is rear wheel drive. Maybe the 4 wheel drive C63 would compare grip wise. I don’t know. I quite like the idea of the C63 I drove being Rear wheel drive. I imagine the steering on the rear wheel drive will be less corrupt than if 4 wheel drive. The C63 seemed to put down its power very well. One disappointing thing with the M5 is that its soundtrack is so muted. The Merc does a wonderful job of exploiting that V8 throb. Whatever setting you have for the exhaust, you are always very aware you are in a V8 

Sat Nav, air con, adaptive LED head lights, reverse camera, heated seats, ace stereo and no doubt many other gadgets designed to help you get where you want to go, safely, comfortably and in good spirit.All present and correct.

Whether pottering along overtaking, going round bends or pulling out of junctions it made me smile Not as unaffordable as i would have imagined. Perhaps in part due to a new even more powerful model with more gadgets maybe lighter stiffer chassis etc is on the scene. I don’t know much about the new one and have not driven it but this one is a special car. So, under the radar JAn uplifting place to be. It’s a V8 JI think that is going to be very hard to better at the price. Very desirable, I like very much.  Test drive was courtesy of Mercedes Benz Truro. Many great deals available on this and all other Mercedes from them.